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🔥 Welcome to the Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2025 🔥

Before reserving your Vendor Place please make sure to read the below info:

Every booth registration is subject to approval (within 48 hours).

A Single artist booth has 1 weekend artist wristband and a double artist booth has 2 weekend artist wristbands.

NOTE!! Assistents or clients need to buy their wristband


Openings hours are: Saturday 11.00-21.00hrs and Sunday 10.00-20.00hrs.

Please do not close the booth until closing time.

Note: we do not have a tattoo finishing room available on both days @ the facility so keep this in mind when you start……

On this event:

  • We do not work on people under the age of 17 years.
  • There will be no drinking or eating in the tattoo-booth during work in progress.

(Our health department will visit the event to check everything!

  • Keep your working area clean as possible at all time…..
  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere within the facility. There are smoking areas outside!!

For rent at the INFO desk:

Sockets :                             € 10,00 DEPOSIT per socket.

If you have any questions just ask at the INFO desk. 

That’s all folks! Have a Weekend!!


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